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Model Series High-speed (tri-servo) Tri-side Sealing Zipper Vertical Bag Maker

1. The whole machine adopts PLC control system and auxiliary three-servo control  system. The pouch-making speed, pouch- making length,  temperature,  counting, punching and conveyor quantity of  doubling finished products, etc. can be preset  via touch screen. 

2. Releasing tension can be controlled by full-automatic adjustable magnetic powder constant tension control system. 

3. Automatic alarm for releasing tension, central tension, color mark losing and out of  temperature limit, etc. 

4. LPC automatic deviation-rectifying, double photoelectric tracking. 

5. Computer 16- route PID constant temperature control. New type pressure-lifting 6 times conveying function 

6. Pneumatic multi-functional punching, automatic collecting of cut rim charge,  electrostatic elimination. 

7. Technology of double self-standing pouch, double concave-convex buckle device is  in the lead at home, which can truly make pouch by one machine with multiple functions.

Machines in this series are suitable for reel-shape materials such as BOPP, PET, CPP, aluminum foil, and paper,2-layer repetitious laminating, high strength production, producing high-quality compound materials with high freshness preserving, and boiling & steaming resistance

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