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Model Series of High-speed Slitting and Rewinding Machine

1. The electrical control system adopts imported PLC for centralized control, use touch screen to realize man-machine dialogue, and display work parameters according to different requirement set.

2. Rewind adopts vector frequency inverter, rewinding diameter calculated by PLC to realize automatic tension control. 

3. Unwind adopts magnetic powder brake, unwinding diameter calculated by PLC to realize automatic tension control.

4. The machine has independent unwind frame, loading and unloading using shaft-less pneumatic cone top type, the width adjusted through screw rod by electric. So it is easy for loading, unloading and with high efficiency. 

5. Rewinding shaft is double sliding flatulence air shaft, uses the straight knife, circular knives for slitting, disk tidy, have edge waste device. 

6. Unwind has web guide set.

7. The system has meter counting, winding diameter operation, automatic stop by setting length you need first.

8. The system has a perfect integration design with machine, electricity, gas, and takes complete safety protective measures. 

This machine is applicable for cutting of various wrappers, such as BOPP, PET, CPP, PVC, electrification alumina membrane, aluminizing membrane, pressure-sensitive adhesive and paper. 

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