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Model Series of High-speed Web Slitter

1. Imported PLC integrated control is used in electrical control system, human-machine communicationis carried out by touch screen, Set and display working parameters according to the requirementsfrom different products.

2. Vector frequency-converting is adopted for rewinding, roll diameter is automatically calculated by PLC to achieve automatic tension control.

3. Vector frequency-converting is adopted for winding, active  winding, roll diameter is automatically calculated by PLC to achieve automatic tension control.

4. Non-shaft  pneumatic system for  winding section  is used. Width is adjusted by lead screw electrically,convenient load and unloading, high efficiency, automatic correction for winding (hydraulic automatic  feeding is optional) .

5. Slitting  functions:  double  tensioning  shafts  are used for rewinding,  straight knife is used for slitting,smooth for the surface, and there is air exhausting device for waste.

6. Functions: Automatic stroboscope to observe printing images is equipped in the system. If there is any defects saw by eyes, press the button of defects, the button will automatically go back to defect image.

7. In  the  system,  there  are  calculations  of  meter, roll diameter,  automatic machine stop when lack ofmaterial etc.

8. The system has perfect mechanic, electric and pneumatic design, also good safety protection.

This machine is used to check, rewind and cut all kinds of roll materials such as BOPP, PET, CPP and PVC.

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