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Model Series of Model Series High-speed Slitting Machine

1. Adopt the best manner of speed + moment, and frequency converter timing for automatic adjustment, it has the functions including start cushion, stop working, locking and metering, etc.

2. Adopt full automatic tension controller and powder magnetic brake for unwinding, which can keep tension of unwinding invariable. 

3. Using taper tension controlling for frequency converter of rewinding with digital taper tension controller. 

4. Adopt frequency converter motor for traction transmission, which can be controlled with invariable line speed.

5.Top air style shaftless fixing and liquid pressure lifting structure are adopted for raw material loading and discharging, and screw motor is used for adjusting width.

6.Adopt two manner of vertical cutter and round cutter for slitting.

7.LPC edge correction with air liquid style is used for unwinding edge error correction.

8.The whole set is in fission type structure, which can make it more steady and easy operation.

9.Resistance of raw material can be reduced by new style guide roller when working.

10. Loading and discharging for material will be more convenient with new style manner.

Machines in this series are suitable for stripping of reel-shape materials such as cellophane paper, Aluminum-platedfilm,Foil,BOPP, PVC, PET, aluminum foil, and paper.

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