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Model Series of Slitting Machines for Auto Paper and Foil Cuttings

1. Electrical control system adopts imported PLC centralized control.  Human-machine conversation is advanced by touch screen and operating parameters are set and displayed in accordance with different requirements for products.

2. Tension of reel winding for double reel winding shafts pneumatic paper pressure roller is controlled separately by two sets of DC or AC frequency conversion. It can be set with taper mode automatic control.

3. Tension for reel unwinding adopts DC or AC frequency conversion control which can enable tension for reel unwinding to be constant and unchangeable. Loading and unloading for raw materials adopts shaft gas-cap clamping and atmospheric pressure for lifting.

4. It adopts imported photoelectric correcting system with high correcting accuracy.

5. It adopts round knife for parting cut with good smoothness for parting cut disc.

6. This machine combines optical, mechanical, electrical and gas as one which can achieve purpose for high-speed parting cut.

This machine applies to parting cut and rewinding for 25-120g/m roller paper (such as cigarette paper, tipping paper, cigarette label paper and other roller paper used for packaging and decoration).

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